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EqWax Lemongrass Equine Fly Repellent Tin


 Long-lasting & effective, doesn’t evaporate quickly like sprays


 All natural plant-based ingredients – no harsh chemicals like DEET or permethrin


 Great for nervous horses who don’t like sprays – brush, sponge or wipe on


 Utilises the fly repellent properties of Lemongrass in a soft wax base


 Supplied in a 250ml plastic-free recyclable aluminium tin


To use:

  • Groom
  • Wipe a little Lemongrass Equine Fly Repellent on to your brush
  • Lightly brush over horse
  • Done! It’s that simple
  • You can also sponge the repellent on if you like, which can be useful around areas such as eyes, ears, udders and sheaths, or even just wipe it on with your fingers.

As with any new product, it is advisable to do a patch test on a small area first

EqWax Lemongrass Equine Fly Repellent Tin