LeMieux Merino+ Half Lined Cotton Dressage Square


 Merino+ wool lining – lambswool has been removed from the skin and integrated with unique fabric that expands and contracts whilst retaining strength. Traditional lambskin pads become hard and brittle.

• Unique backing fabric aids wicking & moisture control with each fibre holding up to 30% of its weight, keeping the back cool and dry.

• Merino+ wool offers perfect fit with consistent depth and density, whilst movement and remoulding to the horse’s shape without too much bulk.

• Swan neck & high cut back wither profile.

• Contoured D-Ring attachments & reinforced girth protection areas.

• Lambswool, dyes and fabric tested to human medical standards, allowing them to work in harmony even with sensitive skin.





LeMieux Merino+ Half Lined Cotton Dressage Square