Montar Jenna  Breeches High Waisted Full Seat Grip


Under one front pocket is a small montar logo, embroidered tone in tone.


At the bum there are 2 zip pockets just for the looks


. In the waist at the back there is a V which makes the high waist fit really well and close to the back. High waist pants are ideal in winter as they keep your lower back warm.


at the ankle is a triangle of lycra that makes riding pants nice and comfortable to wear, and it is possible to make a roll-up without it bothering in the boots.


Besides all the fashionable and comfortable features the breeches are made in Montar Yati fabric that has a lot of technical features.


Among other things:


  • fourway stretch,
  • Moisture wicking,
  • premium look and High comfort.

Montar Jenna Breeches High Waisted Full Seat Grip